IWS Floor Scrapers

Our machinery is battery operated for indoor operation without harmful emissions. We use a compact unit making it suitable for commercial, light industrial, retail and residential job sites. It fits easily through doorways, into tight areas and is light enough for standard elevators.

Our scraping service will easily remove:

  • Rubber and elastomeric coatings

  • Carpet, ceramic tile, and VCT

  • Thin-set mortar and mastics,

  • Epoxy, adhesives, wood and more

Diamond grinding

480v electric powered walk behind grinders operate without harmful emissions.

Our grinding service can easily:

  • Removes old coatings & adhesives

  • Levels high spots

  • Preps floor for new coatings

  • Resurfaces floors

  • Repair curled joints

  • Repair new pours caught in rain

Concrete Scarification, Plaining & Leveling

Scarification is used to grind high spots off concrete and remove tough flooring systems, including epoxy surfaces and urethane elastomeric systems.

Typical Scarification/Plaining Applications:

  • Epoxy

  • Mastics

  • Concrete

  • Paint

  • Epoxy Line Removal

  • Inlay Traffic Lines

IWS also has Concrete plainer that is customizable to mill grooves from ¼” wide to unlimited widths. This is used often to recess steel channel into factory floors for our client’s processes.

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