The IWS concrete surface preparation division is a high demand service needed during many construction, renovation and remodeling projects.  With a vast array of preparation equipment, we have been able to make vital contributions to many construction planning and completion projects, offering solutions that allow for resurfacing instead of a demolition - saving our clients thousands. Our dust containment system allows us to operate our equipment in a dust-free environment.

Concrete Scarfire, Plaining & Leveling

Scarification is used to grind high spots off concrete and remove tough flooring systems, including epoxy surfaces and urethane elastomeric systems

Typical Scarification/Plaining Applications:

  • Epoxy

  • Mastics

  • Concrete

  • Paint

  • Epoxy line removal

  • Inlay traffic lines

IWS also has Concrete plainer that is customizable to mill grooves from ¼” wide to unlimited widths.  This is used often to recess steel channel into factory floors for our client’s processes.