Shot blasting

Shot blasting is similar to sand blasting, but it uses steel shot. The advantage of shot blasting is that it is much cleaner and recycles the blast medium. Abrasive blasting is a cost-effective and environmentally safe way to remove dirt, paint, coatings and other contaminants from floor surfaces while providing a suitable profile for proper bonding for new floor coatings.

Concrete Scarfire, Plaining & Leveling

Scarification is used to grind high spots off concrete and remove tough flooring systems, including epoxy surfaces and urethane elastomeric systems.

Typical Scarification/Plaining Applications:
  • Epoxy

  • Mastics

  • Concrete

  • Paint

  • Epoxy line removal

  • Inlay traffic lines

IWS also has Concrete plainer that is customizable to mill grooves from ¼” wide to unlimited widths. This is used often to recess steel channel into factory floors for our client’s processes.