Vortex is the only truly portable spray on liner system in the industry. Truck beds are just the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to applying a permanent liner either to the deck of your truck or to the deck of a customer’s house, nothing protects it from the elements like VORTEX Sprayed on liner can. Imagine being able to spray from an 1/8" to 18" of a thick, permanent, industrial coating that dries in seconds! Well imagine no longer, the VORTEX Spray On Liner System does it all.

If you have a floor, truck, trailer, boat or farm equipment that needs to be VORTEXed from the elements Iowa Wall Sawing has the portable VORTEX equipment to come to you.

For Beautiful “Seamless” Coatings.

Truck Beds
Fish Ponds
Shower Stalls
Car Trunks
Fender Wells
Car/Jeep Chassis
Septic Tanks
Basement Floors

Garage Floors
Wood Decks
Cargo Trailers
RV/Camper Tops
Rocker Panels
Marine Equipment
Bathroom Floors
Containment Areas

Cement Walls
Concrete Patios
Dump Trucks
Work Benches
Horse Trailers
Pool Decks
Steel Pipes
Horse Stalls

No other system can provide you the beautiful seamless coatings for garage floors, showrooms, basement floors, or any other concrete floor coating or wood deck coating that the portable Granitex/Vortex system provides.
Granitex™ is a breakthrough product which allows every authorized Vortex™ sprayliners dealer to do more than just trucks.

  • The high gloss of a solid Granitex™ finish

  • The high-end look of granite with a Granitone™ finish

GRANITEX is not an epoxy paint or other epoxy coating! It is a fast setting high impact aliphatic urethane glaze. If you are looking for a protective coating for your commercial flooring or industrial flooring, Granitex will outlast epoxy floors many times over. This is important if you are looking for a cheap floor finish, because the money you will spend over the lifetime of the floor, to repair and maintain the floor coating over and over again, will be more that just doing the floor right the first time.

Our Unique POLYPHATIC Floor Glaze provides IWS the opportunity to offer attractive, high impact durable, and longer lasting floor coverings. Thousands of custom designs and color combinations available. You create the color combination you want.
The Granitex HD-8000 system utilizes a BAKED ON FLOOR system. Heating the exclusive Polyphatic Glaze allows it to penatrate the flooring membrane making it both durable and high impact resistant. This Patented system has revolutionized the flooring industry.

To create a slip resistant finish there are the polyphatic granules that will do a great job for you. The Polyphatic Granules are man made fired ceramic beads for extra hardness and uniformity that will last for years. Texture can be applied either in a light grit for pool decks or coarse for steps and ramps. The choice is yours.

Did you know that simple epoxy paint systems create a finish that dries really hard? In fact epoxy dries so hard that it becomes brittle. This is why when nuts, bolts, wrenches, and other small tools or items hit the floor you end up with a chip in the epoxy finish. You won't get that result with the Polyphatic Glaze. It's super high impact surface can really take a beating and come out a winner everytime when compared to paint or epoxy. The secret to its success is the unique baked on finish the Granitex system delivers. It literally heats the glazes to fuse and bond them to the prepared floor. Simple, Fast and Exclusive.

Answers to Common Questions

Is there a difference between Granitex and a 2-part epoxy floor paint or other concrete paint such as acrylics?
First, Granitex is not an epoxy paint. Granitex uses patent pending aliphatic urethanes that are engineered for UV stability and durability.

What types of surfaces can be coated with Granitex?
Granitex Polyphatic glazes are great for interior surfaces, exterior surfaces, and even underwater surfaces. Granitex glazes can be applied to concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal, tile and more.

Can Granitex be used on more than just floors?
Granitex is much more than just a floor coating. The Granitex glazes can also be used as a topcoat to any Vortex surface for long term protection from UV rays as well as chemical stains. This allows Vortex to install a white bed liner that actually stays white... or any other color for that matter.
How many colors are available to choose from?
There are over 200 colors available.
What is the typical cure time for the Granitex Glaze before I can walk on the floor?
You can use the floor the same day the coating has been applied. It can be driven on the following day.
Do I need to use a floor sealer or any other concrete sealer?
Vortex has developed it's patented Super Sealer™ that penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete for an unsurpassed bond. The Super Sealer™ is specifically matched to the Vortex and Granitex materials so that they chemically bond to it.